There are some constants in the secret visual jubilations that Claude Bauret Allard manages to fix in her photographs.

These are always unique moments created by light, a true architecture of light both ambiguous and confusing (reflections on a window, luminous projections of an element on a glass window or a shadow breaking the wall’s plane: where is the outside, the inside, the object, its double ?).

The intrinsic poorness of the materials, recorded on various surfaces (limestone, saltpeter on the wall, a red door with peeling paint, the ground's faded cement) combines with the sumptuous chromatic scale they display.
Thus, each photographs’ vibrant background is made out of thousands of shades, luminous waves acting both as an optical and an acoustic sounding board behind each pictured object.  And this stylistic technique is also present in Claude Bauret Allard’s pastels, in this interaction between an abstract background and the outline of some barrels or squashes.

The same vision then, expressed through two « arctic orders », the order of instantaneity and the order of infinite patience: photography and pastel.

- A.M. Sauzeau Boetti, 2001

Photography / Textures